Tips for Keeping a Cool, Comfortable Home

When the warm weather arrives, this can create a very hot and uncomfortable home. While a properly working air conditioner can help, feeling warm is still common for millions.

Looking for easy ways to find relief? Check out the following tips for keeping a cool and comfortable home environment:

Enhance your windows

Your windows are where tons of heat enters your residence. That said, try to make some window upgrades to keep the added heat to a minimum. Installing reflective window films is a great option, which can block out a significant amount of solar heat and harmful UV rays.

Air conditioning maintenance is also very important to ensure your home stays cool. Reach out to Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc today for trusted AC maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL!

Keep sunlight out

If you enjoy opening your blinds or shades to let in that amazing sunlight, this can also create a much warmer home. In addition, not only can it make your home warmer, but it also puts more pressure on your AC system. Keep your blinds closed as much as possible to keep the indoor temperature low.

Clean AC filters

As warm weather hits, this causes your AC unit to work overtime, which can lead to a buildup in your air conditioning filter. To ensure your unit stays running at its best, clean your AC filters every few weeks.

Schedule air conditioning maintenance

A properly working air conditioner is essential to staying cool. That said, schedule inspections and system maintenance to ensure it stays in good working order. This service can also increase the lifespan of your unit.

If you’re searching for the most dependable AC maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL, make an appointment at Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc today!


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