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As we enter cold and flu season, people are hoping to keep their homes germ-free for as long as possible to stave off illness. The reality is though, keeping your home free of pollutants like allergens and bacteria is important year round! Installing an air purifier is a great way to make your life healthier (and easier!) through every season. 

4 Benefits of an Air Purifier System

Before we discuss the upsides of having an air purifier system, it should be noted that not all air purifiers are created equally. The brand we trust and install at Pro-Star is the Reme-Halo Air Purifier, which is top-rated and proven to reduce pollutants. Here are some other reasons why we love it.

  1. It reduces pollutants in the air and on surfaces, including pollen, mold, pet dander, dust, bacteria and viruses (even MRSA, e-coli and Norwalk), and more.
  2. It gets rid of odors from things like cooking, dirty clothing, smelly pets, diapers, trash and must.
  3. It’s installed right into the supply plenum of your existing system, which means it’s not bulky or a hassle to get around. It’s also not an eye-sore!
  4. It can be installed in under an hour by our team, so you won’t have to deal with a slew of contractors and busy schedule. Just a quick service visit and it’s done!

How Does the Air Purifier Work?

This system is unique in that it doesn’t wait for pollutants to pass through a filter to remove them from the air. Instead, the Reme-Halo actively pulls pollutants through the system to remove them from the source and neutralize them. It’s great for homes and absolutely essential for places like hospitals, day cares, colleges, restaurants and other commercial spaces. 

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Finding A/C Installation in West Palm Beach

a/c installation in west palm beach

HVAC companies in West Palm Beach are a dime a dozen. After all, few public places and few homes don’t have A/C in this area. So what makes an HVAC company stand out? How do you know when you’re hiring a trustworthy company for the job? What traits are most important? If you’re looking for A/C installation in West Palm Beach, all of these questions become vitally important. Ultimately, you want to make sure you’ve got the best business for the job. So, without further ado, here’s some of the most important factors for an A/C installation company.


First, the most important thing you want in someone for an A/C installation company is knowledge. Therefore, you want to make sure everyone in the company, from the top down, comes as the expert in all things HVAC. Indeed, no one wants someone incompetent or foolish installing their A/C unit. Furthermore, if the worker makes a mistake, you don’t want to have to deal with an equally incompetent boss or manager. The heat brakes for no one. And neither should you. Hence, if you want expert A/C installation in West Palm Beach, then you want to hire a company staffed with experts.

Customer Service

Second, the next most important factor you want to find for A/C installation in West Palm Beach is excellent customer service. When it comes to a successful business, knowledge and customer service often go hand in hand. In other words, you might find a business that does well with one or the other. Yet, ideally you want a company that values both. After all, dealing with A/C complications are annoying enough. Who wants to deal with impatient or ineffective customer service on top of that? Not me! Accordingly, if you want the best HVAC company in West Palm Beach, you want one with excellent customer service.


Third, although chains and corporations come with their fair share of benefits, the best A/C installation in West Palm Beach comes from local businesses. When you patronize a local HVAC company, you not only stimulate the local economy, you also hire a company who knows your community. You hire your neighbors, people who know what it’s like to live in West Palm Beach. People who share your concerns and your values.

The Best A/C Installation in West Palm Beach

Finally, where can you find A/C installation from a local company with thorough knowledge and great customer service? Look no further than Pro-Star Air Inc! We’re locally renowned for our masterful staff and congenial customer service. If you’d like to hire a company like that, then contact us today!

Air Conditioning Repair in West Palm Beach

air conditioning repair

It’s been one long, hot summer. If you’re like most people, you’ve kept your A/C cranked all summer to deal with the heat. And even though the seasons change, hot is still hot. If your unit has broken or been damaged from constant use, then you need professional air conditioning repair. After all, there is never a good time for it to break. Thankfully, Pro Star Air comes prepared year-round to serve you. Check out the services we provide below!

Professional Care and Experience

Everyone wants to do business with people who are both experienced and friendly. Nothing can be more frustrating than working with a business whose staff not only comes across as rude, but also incompetent. However, Pro Star Air only hires the best of the best. We ensure our technicians not only have expert knowledge and thorough experience, but also convey friendliness and flexibility. Therefore, don’t worry about the type of technician you’ll get. Know who you’re getting by going with Pro Star Air.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Second, Pro Star Air wants to be your exclusive air conditioning repair and maintenance provider. We really value earning customer loyalty. Consequently, our technicians work with you to make appointments around your schedule. Furthermore, when it comes to routine maintenance, we don’t want to slam you with expensive, unnecessary visits. Instead, we’ll work within your budget and your timing. Give us a chance to earn your loyalty!

Peace of Mind

Third, and perhaps most importantly, Pro Star Air offers you peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing that your technician has the skills and personality that will make your experience easy. Moreover, you never have to worry about what you’ll do if your air conditioning unit breaks or gets dirty. We trust you’ll realize we’re the best air conditioning repair service in West Palm Beach!

Air Conditioning Repair Through Pro Star Air

Finally, what else can we say? If need air conditioning repair, please contact us. We’d love to prove our in-depth knowledge and excellent customer service to you. So, for all of your HVAC needs, look no further than Pro Star Air!

3 Most Common HVAC Problems | West Palm Beach HVAC Service

west palm beach hvac

We’ve all been there. It’s either the hottest or coldest day of the year, and just as you make the decision to stay inside all day, you realize your HVAC unit is not working. How do you know when it’s time to stop troubleshooting and start calling a professional? Our West Palm Beach HVAC experts break down the top ten most common problems customers experience with their cooling and heating systems.

  1. Not Enough Regular Maintenance.  Contrary to what most homeowners think, HVAC units cannot be simply installed and then left to run on their own with no maintenance. Even aside from regular filter replacement, it’s important to have a licensed professional visit at least once per season to perform a thorough inspection. One of the most important things this does is grant you piece of mind. Your HVAC system was a big investment, it’s important to protect it.
  1. Thermostat Is Malfunctioning. It’s possible that your problem is not with the HVAC unit itself, but rather the thermostat. If your thermostat has batteries, first check if those need to be replaced. If you still have the owner’s manual, a quick peruse through that might do the job. Otherwise, a visit from a service technician is a quick and efficient way to diagnose the problem.
  1. Excessively Dirty Filters. When it comes to easy ways to prevent big problems, changing your air filter regularly is at the top of the list. This small maintenance task extends the lifespan of your unit and helps it to run more efficiently. More efficient still is to utilize an air purifier system to keep dust, allergens and pollutants out of the air and out of your filters. Air purifiers like the REME-HALO system are installed in-duct and are effective against all three categories of indoor air pollutants: particulates, microbial and gases. Systems like this do not have to be pricey—at Pro-Star, we even offer a $20 discount for first time service customers.

Call the West Palm Beach HVAC Experts for More Information

Whether you’re in the midst of an HVAC emergency or you simply want some ideas on how to save money on your monthly cooling bills, we can help. We offer air conditioning repair services, air purifier installation, SurgeShield installation and more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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