How Often Do I Need Duct Cleaning?  

Nearly every home in West Palm Beach has central air conditioning. With summer temperatures easily soaring into the high 90s and beyond, central A/C is the only thing that makes it possible to live comfortably in South Florida. A central A/C system includes ducts, which disperse conditioned air throughout the home. Periodically, you need to have HVAC services in West Palm Beach to clean those ducts.

Why Ducts Need Cleaning

As air moves through ducts, it captures a range of “debris” that also enters the duct system. This includes allergens like pollen, human skin cells that are shed, pet dander and more. Over time, this dust and debris accumulates along the surfaces of the interior of the duct. Two things happen as a result; all the new air passing through picks up little bits of dust and debris and disperses it into your home and second, the interior space of the duct shrinks as the walls get caked with debris. Of course, with regular duct cleanings, the walls never “shrink” to the point where it’s noticeable, but if ducts aren’t cleaned, the efficiency of the A/C system is diminished and will have to work harder to pump air through an increasingly small passage.

Finally, the climate in West Palm Beach is very humid. When you combine moist air inside the ducts with the inherent darkness, what results is a thriving environment for mold. These mold spores then get spewed out through your home’s vents, where your family breathes them in.

In any event, the air quality in the home is greatly reduced. Your A/C system may be spreading allergens and mold into the air you breathe.

How Often Do I Need Duct Cleaning?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends duct cleaning every three to five years. In South Florida, we recommend a duct cleaning every other year, due to excessive air pollution and the humid, tropical environment.

You work hard to stay healthy. Don’t let dirty ducts compromise those efforts. Contact us today for duct cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL.


When Should I Change My Air Conditioner Filter?  

HVAC systems come with filters that need to be changed periodically. If the air filter isn’t changed on a regular basis, parts of the HVAC system could become clogged with dirt and debris, leading to inefficiency and unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner unit.

Changing your HVAC filter periodically when performing HVAC maintenance in West Palm Beach FL can prolong the life of your air conditioner and the other parts of your HVAC system. Knowing how to change your AC filter is important, if you perform your own AC maintenance. Here’s what you need to know.

What Does the HVAC Filter Do?

The HVAC filter cleans the air circulating through your home’s ducts and HVAC system, keeping dust and dander from lodging in the parts of your home’s HVAC units. The filter also cleans the air that circulates through your home. In fact, you can remove extra-small particles from the air in your home with a HEPA filter.

Where Is the Filter?

The filter is usually located near the air handler for the home’s air conditioner or furnace. Usually, the filter is kept in a slot that’s clearly labeled. You may need to open a little door to gain access to the slot.

When Should I Change the Filter?

Change the filter when it gets dirty, or after three months of use, whatever comes first. If you and other members of your household have allergies, you may find it beneficial to switch it out more frequently. You’ll know that you need to switch out your home’s filter when the allergies in your household become worse, or when you notice excessive dust on the furniture in your room.

Contact Your HVAC Professional

You don’t have to be the one to switch out your home’s air filter. Hire the professional HVAC repair people in West Palm Beach FL to perform HVAC maintenance today.


Does My A/C Need a Tune Up?  

Air conditioners need tune ups on a regular basis in order to maintain efficiency and functionality. Getting your air conditioner tuned up can help keep your A/C in good condition for many years to come.

As your air conditioner repair person in West Palm Beach, FL, we can answer your questions about air conditioner tune ups and help you decide if you need an air conditioner tune up at your house.

Signs Your A/C Needs a Tune Up

Do you know when your A/C needs a tune up? Here’s how you can tell:

  • Your A/C hasn’t been serviced in a year or more. If your A/C hasn’t been tuned up in a year or more, it’s been too long! Get it serviced as soon as possible.
  • Your A/C is older. An older air conditioner needs special care from an HVAC professional to ensure that it continues to run.
  • Your A/C is behaving strangely. If your air conditioner is making strange noises or not performing as well as it once did, get it tuned up.

When to Get Your A/C Tuned Up

At Pro-Star Air Conditioning, we recommend getting your A/C tuned up annually, ideally at the beginning of every spring or summer, before you really need to use your air conditioner. If you use your air conditioner throughout the year, you may even consider getting it tuned up multiple times per year.

Difference Between a Tune Up and a Repair

A tune up is a check-up to ensure that your air conditioner will continue to run throughout the cooling season. A repair is meant to fix something that is broken. At Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc, we provide A/C tune ups in West Palm Beach, FL.