A/C Noises You Should Never Ignore

Air conditioning is an essential part of life in South Florida. Without it, most people wouldn’t be able to tolerate the scorching temperatures in summer. It makes sense to pay attention when your A/C system is showing signs that a repair is needed. Fortunately, there are several obvious sounds that you should never ignore, which give you ample time to call for A/C maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL.

Banging or Clanking

Your A/C system should never make banging or clanking noises, especially when it’s kicking on. Yes, you’ll hear a little bit of noise when it first turns on, but it shouldn’t be startling. Banging or clanking often indicates loose or damaged components.

Screeching or Squealing

You should never hear high-pitched sounds like screeching or squealing. This sound often indicates an issue with the A/C’s fan motor or belt. These components may be worn out or misaligned; if not addressed promptly, they can lead to system failure.

Hissing or Whistling

This kind of sound indicates a leak somewhere in your A/C system. In particular, it could relate to a problem with refrigerant levels. You should call for service immediately, as this kind of problem could cause irreversible damage to the compressor.

Rattling or Vibrating

This is another sign that may mean loose components. Call for A/C repair to have the situation addressed sooner rather than later.


The only grinding you should hear is the sound of the coffee beans in the morning, not from your A/C unit. When the A/C’s motor bearing goes bad, there’s typically a grinding sound.

If you notice any of these sounds, contact A/C repair in West Palm Beach, FL, as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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