5 Benefits of Home AC Repairs

Many of us depend on our AC units every year. However, these machines can break down at some point, leaving you hot and frustrated. To restore comfort to your loved ones, choose Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc for a reliable AC repair in West Palm Beach, FL!

In this post, we’ll talk about 5 benefits of home AC repairs.

Greater Comfort

When you take care of system repairs, your AC unit will work more efficiently. Not only can this lower your utility bills, but you may also experience greater comfort. A comfortable home is a sure way to keep your family happy!

Longer System Lifespan

Once your air conditioner is repaired and working at its best, you should expect a longer system lifespan. Given the cost of these AC units, this is an important factor to consider. Poorly functioning air conditioning systems have to work harder to keep you comfortable, which can wear out parts and various components. Extend the life of your system by taking care of AC repairs right away.

Better Indoor Air Quality

As your AC unit starts working more efficiently, this improves your indoor air quality. From cleaner air to fewer respiratory problems, this can lead to several benefits. You should also experience healthy humidity levels and a more comfortable home overall!

Energy Efficiency

When you take care of system issues, your unit will thank you with enhanced energy efficiency. If you don’t handle these repairs, your air conditioner will work harder than it should.

Lower Energy Bills

When your system is working more efficiently, you should expect lower utility bills. This is caused by an improved use of energy.

If you’re interested in an AC repair, call Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc today to work with trusted AC contractors in West Palm Beach, FL!


5 Signs You Need A/C Repair  

Air conditioning in West Palm Beach isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. So when your air conditioning goes out, it’s an emergency that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Typically, air conditioning doesn’t just quit out of the blue. There are usually warning signs. Here are X of the most common signs you need A/C repair.

1. You’re Feeling Warm Air, Not Cold

If your A/C is blowing warm air, or air that doesn’t quality as being actually cold, this could indicate that the air compressor isn’t working as it should.

2. You Have Higher Electric Bills Than Usual

When temperatures soar, most people’s A/C bills rise a little. But if your energy bills are higher than the same season as last year, then your A/C unit likely isn’t working as efficiently as it could.

3. You’re Hearing Unusual Noises

As a homeowner, you’re accustomed to what your A/C sounds like when it’s running. If you start hearing any unusual noises–particularly clicking, knocking or humming–book an appointment for A/C service in West Pam Beach, FL right away.

4. Water is Leaking Near the A/C

Contrary to what some people might think, your A/C shouldn’t be leaking, even when you’re running it a lot. This kind of problem might have something to do with excess condensation buildup, but you’ll need to contact an HVAC technician to be sure and to resolve the issue.

5. Thermostat Adjustments Seem to Have No Effect

If your A/C system isn’t cycling on and off like it’s supposed to, or if it seems like your thermostat adjustments are having no effect on the temperature in your home, this is a sign that your A/C needs repair. It’s likely a problem with the thermostat, but there could be an underlying cause that needs to be addressed.

Don’t spend a minute longer than necessary dealing with an A/C system that needs repair. If you notice one or more of these signs, contact the leaders in HVAC services in West Palm Beach, FL for help.


Signs You Need a Home AC Repair

When the weather is hot, we depend on our air conditioners to perform. However, as these units continue to work for years, they may eventually have issues that require professional service.

In this post, we’ll discuss three signs you may need an AC repair.

Poor Airflow

If you notice insufficient airflow coming from your AC vents, this could indicate a blockage or a problem with the air conditioner itself. This may be due to a damaged motor, a dirty air filter, or something much more serious. If this issue is happening at your home, it’s best to call an air conditioning expert. They can examine your system and check the vents, helping to restore proper airflow ASAP.

If you’re searching for residential AC repair service in West Palm Beach, FL, contact Pro-Star Air Conditioning today to fix the problem in no time!

Warm Air Coming from Vents

If you’re feeling warm air coming from your AC vents, you should first examine your thermostat. Make sure it’s set to the cooling mode, and lower the temperature until it’s below the current home temp. If you’re still feeling the warmth, there could be an issue with airflow or the AC compressor. This is another job for an experienced AC professional. They’ll find a solution right away!

Too Much Humidity

Air conditioners automatically regulate the humidity levels in your home. However, if there’s excessive moisture in the air, your AC unit may struggle to keep up. This can be fixed by a simple recalibration or by installing a whole-house dehumidifier.

Whether you need an AC repair, system replacement, or another HVAC service, Pro-Star Air Conditioning is here to help. Contact us today to work with the best AC experts in West Palm Beach, FL!

When to Skip DIY and Call an Air Conditioner Repair Service

When your air conditioner isn’t operating as efficiently, it isn’t always easy to know whether you should arrange air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL or fix it yourself. Some issues, such as replacing an air filter, are simple enough to do on your own. However, most types of air conditioning repairs are more complex and require service from a professional HVAC technician with adequate training and the proper tools.

Common Examples of Air Conditioning Repairs You Should Not Try Yourself

Air conditioners need preventive maintenance to keep them running efficiently. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), today’s air conditioners can last up to 20 years with regular tune-ups and timely repairs. Below are a few examples of typical air conditioning issues that Pro-Star Air Conditioning can fix.

Refrigerant Fluid Leaks

The smallest hole in an HVAC unit can cause refrigerant fluid to leak. Signs of a leak include an air conditioner that blows warm air or periodically freezes up and blows no air at all. Holes can be difficult to find since they are sometimes no bigger than a pinhead.

Clogged Drain Lines

Liquid and condensation accumulate inside of your air conditioner as it cools the air. Unfortunately, air conditioners with too much liquid and condensation leak water and can cause a big mess. While it usually starts out small, you need to tend to this problem quickly to avoid permanent water damage.

Compressor Damage

You should hear a second startup sound when you turn on your air conditioner. If you don’t, it could indicate a problem with the compressor. These issues are among the most complex and costly to fix, so please don’t attempt them on your own.

When in doubt about AC repairs, don’t hesitate to contact Pro-Star Air Conditioning, Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL for advice.