3 Things a Visual Inspection of Your HVAC System Might Miss

A visual inspection of an HVAC system can reveal any number of details, which is why they’re important for all property owners to conduct on a regular basis. The more often you look at your unit, the easier it will be to determine what’s normal and what could be cause for concern. However, no matter how thorough your visual checks are, the reality is that you can still miss a few major things that only an HVAC professional in West Palm Beach, FL, will be able to find.

Internal Issues

Internal issues can include anything from wiring problems with your electricity to the compressor to condenser coils. If these components are wearing down or the ongoing vibration of the unit has caused them to become misaligned, you might see anything from higher gas bills to hazardous flames.


Not all leaks show up on the floor or around the unit. If your refrigerant is leaking, the leak will stay in the system. Over time, you may see operations start to slow down or stop altogether.


Leaking ductwork will eventually reduce the efficiency of the system because it puts more pressure on the system to heat or cool the air. Plus, it can lead to back drafting, which will put more allergens in the air. You may be able to tell that your ductwork is leaking just from looking at a shaft of air through the sun, but the important thing is to keep an eye on it all.

HVAC Inspections in West Palm Beach, FL

While you shouldn’t skip your visual checks, they can’t be done in place of a professional inspection. If you could use a professional HVAC inspection in West Palm Beach, FL, the staff at Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc. is here to give your systems a thorough once-over.

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