3 Common Home AC Problems

As the great state of Florida is a hot, muggy place, you need an air conditioner that can keep up. Here at Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc, we can ensure your AC unit stays in tip-top shape all year long! If you experience any of the following air conditioning problems, call us right away for speedy, professional service.

No Cool Air

Some homeowners run into the problem of not feeling cold air coming from their vents. You may feel no air at all or air that isn’t cool. One possible cause is a tripped circuit breaker, which is very simple to fix. On other occasions, the blower belt could need a replacement. You may also need more refrigerant in your system.

Whatever air conditioning problem you’re having, reach out to Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc for reliable home AC repair in West Palm Beach, FL!

System Constantly Running

If your system constantly runs without ever turning off, this is a common issue that needs attention. This problem could lead to very high energy bills and a shorter lifespan for your AC unit. Unfortunately, many factors could be causing your air conditioner to run continuously. It could have to do with your air filters, compressor, thermostat, or electrical components. Contact an AC professional for troubleshooting tips.

AC Unit Not Turning On

An air conditioner that doesn’t power on can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, sometimes the issue is caused by a tripped circuit breaker, which is an easy fix. However, the problem can also happen from a broken thermostat or loose wiring. If this issue is happening to you, contact an AC professional, especially if there’s a wiring problem.

Contact the AC Pros Today!

Dealing with any of the air conditioning issues above can lead to a lot of frustration, not to mention an uncomfortable home. Luckily, the team here at Pro-Star Air Conditioning Inc can find a solution in no time! We have an experienced team of HVAC technicians with the skills and knowledge you can trust.

Call us today to schedule a residential AC repair in West Palm Beach, FL!

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